Fire Protection Services & Event Safety services

We provide fire protection in the form of light response vehicles to rapidly deploy and attack any fire. Typically this service is utilised by residential estates, commercial parks and business estates as well as industrial concerns.

Within the Sport and Recreation ambit,  we provide services to ensure that your event is in compliance with SASREA: The Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act, Act 2 of 2010

This includes:

  • Pre-Event site risk inspections and assessments.
  • Establishing and implementing a Covid Plan
  • Obtaining South African Police Services event Risk categorization reports.
  • Public Event Safety Officer duties including compilation of the written safety plan for the event
  • Attending relevant meetings and Venue Operations Centre attendance.
  • Obtaining relevant local authorities JOC Approvals

Our standby services include:

  • Fire Defence and Safety standby and duties
  • Emergency Medical Services standby and duties
  • Underwater Safety and Safety Diver standby duties

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