Flammable substances containers and storage

Container handling and storage

All flammable substance containers must be kept closed when not in use.

A person may not extract flammable liquids from a container of a capacity exceeding 200 litres, unless the container is fitted with an adequately sealed pump or tap.

Flammable liquid containers must be labelled and marked with words and decals, which indicate the flammable liquids contained therein as well as the hazard of the liquids.

Flammable substance containers must be declared gas or vapour-free by a competent person before any modification or repairs are undertaken.

All flammable substance containers must be manufactured and maintained in such a condition as to be reasonably safe from damage and to prevent leakage of flammable substances or vapours therefrom.

An empty flammable liquid container must be placed in a flammable store.

Where a flammable store is not available for the storage of empty flammable liquid containers, the controlling authority may permit such storage in the open; provided that: —

the storage area must be in a position and of sufficient size which in the opinion of the controlling authority, will not cause a fire hazard or other threatening danger;

the storage area is well ventilated and enclosed by a wire mesh fence and: —

the fence supports are of steel or reinforced concrete;

has an outward opening gate that is kept locked when not in use, and when the floor area exceeds 10 m2 an additional escape gate is installed, fitted with a sliding

bolt or other similar locking device that can be opened from the inside without the use of a key;

the storage area is free of vegetation and has a non-combustible firm level base;

a two-metre distance around the perimeter of the fenced area is clear of grass, weeds and similar combustible materials;

when the storage area has a roof, the construction of the roof and supporting structure must be of non-combustible material;

open flames, welding, cutting operations and smoking is prohibited in or near the storage area and signage is prominently displayed on the fence and complies with SABS 1186: Part 1, and fire-fighting equipment is installed as determined by the controlling authority.

An empty flammable liquid container must be securely closed with a bung or other suitable stopper.