Fire Compliance Audits

Fire protection and prevention laws are complex and often confusing. Business owners, landlords and even tenants should have some understanding of fire code compliance and their responsibilities under these laws to ensure their safety and the safety of others is met. Additionally, a firm knowledge of these legalities help mitigate against dangerous risks taking a turn for the worst.

From a commercial standpoint, some small businesses rely on their business premise as-is. For reasons of cost, time or lack of awareness, these businesses jeopardize themselves to hefty fines, expensive remedial costs, legal fees, and even jail. In a worst-case scenario, if a fire breaks out, the loss of life is the ultimate price in the beginning of a sharp financial and emotional downfall.

Fire Risk S A offer Fire Code Compliance audits aimed at providing customers with a clear vision of their levels of compliance and assist in bringing customers to compliant levels.

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